But, what if she loves it? (And you have tofu to offer?)
Tofu for a Monster Cat?
She wants to model.
I’ll try my best. But I will be eaten anyway.
Shame. Although humble, I wanted to offer a home to her.
I was doodling some Yokai/Monster character related to cats…

and suddenly I heard meowing near my window.

shingekinofroyo asked: HOW THE FUCK DO YOU ART
sirjoey-23 asked: Which do you think would win in a fight, a tengu or Bruce lee?


Anónimo asked: do you hate any character in klk?


nui …..and there are many reasons for it …and no its not only because he killed ryuko´s father …is because I find her way too  annoying …………..

I hear ya on that one. Let alone that my sex life is non existence.
clxcool asked: Has a guy like you ever gotten the blues?

Anytime i need to get the donk.


so you do like her
Now that juli4n0liver mentions it, they kinda have the same hairstyle… o.o

This could be the beginning of a beautiful Breastfriendship

> My ex classmate see me playing with her and call me a faggot.
> I call him a cunt.
> I Seichusen Godanzuki and send him to go to sleep.
juli4n0liver asked: makoto from blazblue?


bluedragonkaiser asked: I feel ya about Makoto man. Although Elena is my bread and butter Makoto's definitely one of the more underrated SF girls who needs more attention.


slaxdump asked: A knock on your door, Ragy dear. It's Makoto. Seems she wants challenge your... dojo? Do you even have one of those?